Another post, another huge time lapse, 16 months this time.  The reasons though have been rather different this time.  I’m thinking of starting writing properly again, but kind of felt like there are a few things I wanted to mention that don’t really fit into the margins of a technical posting.

A little over 16 months ago – a few days into my new job with Sky Betting & Gaming in Leeds – my dad had a fall at home and was rushed to hospital.  He was unconscious and it became clear fairly quickly that it was serious and he was not guaranteed to recover.  I left work, travelled down to Cambridge to see him in hospital – following surgery, we were told that he wasn’t going to make it.  He never woke up and died within 48 hours.

This is obviously quite personal and not something I plan to rake over in any detail in public, but equally it’s had a huge impact on me and it would be weird not to at least acknowledge it.  In some ways I’m very much the same person I was two years ago, in others very much not.

More recently, I reached the decision that SkyBet is not where I want to spend the next chunk of my career and that a decade and a half in Leeds (since I started university there in September 2000) was enough.  In August of this year I moved down to London and am now working as Technical Lead for the Acquisition Marketing Data Engineering team at in Islington.

Which (at a very high level) brings us up to date.  More to follow, probably.